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Chris Cortille

Blog Header - What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding

What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is an innovative way for investors of all levels to access real estate investments, regardless of their financial background. It allows people to purchase a portion of a property without having to buy

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Blog Header - Can Tornadoes Break Brick Houses

Can Tornadoes Break Brick Houses?

Can tornadoes break brick houses? Many homeowners assume that because bricks are strong and durable, they can withstand anything. However, this is not necessarily true when it comes to tornadoes. While brick can be stronger than

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Blog Header - Can You Build A House For $100k

Can You Build A House For $100k?

Are you looking to build a new house, but don’t have an unlimited budget? You may be wondering if it’s possible to build a home for $100,000 or less. The good news is that it is

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